What is acupuncture in the Western medicine point of view?

Acupuncture therapy has been utilized to treat a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries. the application of very fine needles on the special acupuncture points, stimulates the body’s nervous system and the blood vessel system to course a specific reaction through the spinal cord and brain, inducing the release of our natural regulatory chemicals and hormones.

Physiological effects can include endorphins release for pain relief, reduction of inflammation, increased blood circulation, analgesia through interruption of pain stimulus, muscle relaxation.

Acupuncture can also decrease the side effect of medication induced nausea, promote relaxation in an anxious patient, reduce chronic or post-operative pain, minimize headaches and menstrual related pain, and helps improve other conditions that may be anatomically, neurologically or physiologically based.


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What is acupuncture in the Chinese medicine point of view?

The ancient Chinese physicians discovered a subtle energy called CHI (-CHEE-). 

CHI, refers to the life energy that is invisible and represents the vital force that circulates throughout the body along fourteen major energy channels. these channels form a highly complex invisible network transporting and directing CHI to every part of the body including the head, arms, legs torso, organs and internal organs.

When CHI flows smoothly and harmoniously throughout these 14 energy channels, each bodily system and organ interacts with and affects positively all the other systems and organs in the body. That is what in Chinese medicine is called balanced distribution of CHI or the optimal health condition for a person.

A sustained blockage or other disruption of the balanced flow of CHI may result from many diverse sources.

Some of these could be: adulterated food, toxic air or water, poor nutrition, infection or contagious diseases, malfunction of an organ, excessive dampness, wind, cold, heat, emotional responses to life such as anxiety, stress, worry or depression may affect CHI flow and block off the Energy Channel. this in turn could bring on pain, dysfunction, a feeble immune system and ill health.

When the CHI becomes unbalanced, its flow must be normalized with the aid of an experienced acupuncturist physician’s skills and herbal therapies.

Upon consultation and examination, the acupuncture physician, will perform a diagnosis and generate a treatment plan in accordance to each particular patient’s health condition.

The resulting treatment plan is followed up in repeated sessions by working on the identified acu-points with special needles and furthermore with herbs as required. Its main purpose is to pursue the normalization of the flow and distribution of the CHI and balance its circulation. This procedure results in increased health and overall life quality benefits.

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