Dr.Alister C.H.Tze, AP, M.D.(China)


                Acupuncture in Miami by Authentic Chinese Doctor at 8150SW 8th St. - 1 min West of El Palmetto Expwy                    Majestic Shopping Plaza Suite #217 - Phone (305)265-1486 - M-F: 9:00am to 6:00pm, and
9:00am to 2:00pm




Peace and Harmony promotes your health

Dr. Alister C.H. Tze welcomes you to assist you in your road  to a better health and wellness through acupuncture and herbs.

Natural balance and harmony is fundamental for living a healthy, happy and quality life.

External and internal influences affect our natural balance and make us vulnerable to illness.
Holistic or alternative healing practices aimed to recover this natural balance and harmony, which may include some gradual lifestyle changes, substantially improve our health.

Acupuncture treatment, a millenarian healing art from China, is a most valuable tool widely used to help accomplish this goal by aiding in restoring your body's functional energy flow, promoting in this way, your faster recovery to a better health.

Dr. Ching Hsiang Tze is a reliable Chinese Medical Doctor with vast expertise in treating  numerous ailments for over twenty years. 

Don't hesitate to visit us that we will be pleased to evaluate your condition, so we can place our knowledge and experience at the service of your health and well being.

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